Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DS9 Returning Adversaries PT 3: Kira the Mirror and the Alternate Universe

Anyone who has read my blog knows I don't like the mirror universe episodes, primarily because they are overacted and the players are more like caricatures of the DS9 crew rather than just their evil twin(s). 

The primary annoyance is evil Kira, known in the other universe as "The Intendant" of the space station. She is a narcissist who uses violence and threats of violence against "the resistance,"  (members include O'Brien, Bashir, and Dax) commoners forced to mine Cardassian ore in labor facilities on the station. 

She also uses sex as a means to gain favor and parade her feminine wiles.  She's the ultimate manipulator with no conscience. What she lacks in remorse she makes up for in charm, laid on thick and heavy in silver body-tight threads.