Monday, July 21, 2014

DS9 Returning Adversaries PT. 1 Jeffrey Combs

Actor Jeffrey Combs had a reoccurring role, or make that two reoccurring roles, on DS9.

As Brunt, he played a greedy and malicious Ferengi who hounded and sometimes tormented Quark with physical violence and threats of bankruptcy and closure of his beloved bar.

Known as "liquidator Brunt," he had Quark beat up by Nausicaans in "Bar Association" when he learned Rom was forming a union for the bar help. In "Profit and Lace," he became acting Nagus when Ferengenar was thrown into financial chaos because of Quark's mother's influence over Zek.

In a hilarious moment, he grovels at Quark's feet when it is rumored that Quark will become the next Nagus in "Dogs of War."

As Weyoun, Combs really shown as the creepy yet charming Vorta and servant of the Founders.

In "Ties of Blood and Water," Weyound knowingly drinks poisoned Kenar brought aboard the station by Gul Dukat that was intended for a Cardassian under Federation protection. He jokes after downing it, to the looks of horror on Dukat's and Sisko's faces, that Vorta's are immune to such poisons because "it comes in handy when you're a diplomat."

Weyoun was also like a cat with nine lives, well, actually 8. Vorta's are clones and Weyoun's come in handy when he at one point is vaporized by Jem'Hadar for doubting their loyalty, and another time getting his neck snapped by an angry and jealous Worf in "Strange Bedfellows."

Despite his penchant for being delightfully charming and witty, Weyoun also had a very cold streak and talked sympathetically to Cardassian citizens, who were in revolt against Dominion occupied forces, as he informed them about the deaths of millions in an industrial city. With a wry smile, he warned them that another attack against them would cost Cardassia another city's population. "Let us return to the spirit of friendship and cooperation between our peoples so that together we can destroy our common enemies...thank you."

His eighth and final clone is killed off by a vengeful Garak in the last episode "What You Leave Behind."

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